Getting started

Developing a strategy
Much like a financial planner helps with mapping out your long term financial strategy, Kim works collaboratively with you to identify both your short term and long term travel goals.

Travel documents
Depending on where you are traveling, different forms of documentation are required for entry. Visa’s are required in some countries and a simple passport in others. There are legal requirements when traveling out of the country with minors. By working closely with her clients, Kim is able to ensure all paperwork requirements have been fulfilled prior to departure.
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Travel Insurance
Travel is an investment of both your time and finances & protecting that investment is highly recommended. There are a variety of affordable insurance policies available and different coverage. Depending on the type of trip and desired coverage, we help our clients discover the best options for their needs in order to provide peace of mind.
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Travel with Kids
There simply is no substitute to sharing the world with our children. Traveling together offers an endless array of timeless moments that bring families closer. The most effective way to ensure the experience will be a great one for all family members is to plan and prepare ahead of time. As a Mom herself, Kim offers her clients tips and tricks for ensuring a seamless vacation for all family members.

The Centers for Disease Control provides a complete list of destinations that require travel vaccinations. The CDC divides vaccines for travel into three categories: routine, recommended, and required. While your doctor will tell you which ones you should have, it’s best to be aware of them ahead of time. Most vaccines take time to become effective in your body and some vaccines must be given in a series over a period of days or sometimes weeks. Clients should schedule an appointment with their doctor or travel medicine provider at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to travel. For more information, refer to the CDC website.
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Travel Safety
Travel safety is a high priority and clients traveling abroad should always be aware of current travel conditions before embarking on or planning their journey.
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